Market Research in Thailand

Please Note* FSP does not have dedicated market research staff, for lower end and general information gathering we outsource the work to specialized firms as they are more cost effective then us re-tasking high level resources for this kind of work. Our service is gathering very specific information that is not generally available and requires a consultant with high level experience to analyze, interpret and relay the information required.

We provide companies with the business intelligence and market research in Thailand they need to make informed decisions that drastically reduce risk or increase profits, via partnerships.

Can-Siam is primarily concerned with market research in Thailand and the regions emerging economies when it is part of a larger project.

Can-Siam’s market research and intelligence service is definitely a cut above the rest; we do not give you off the shelf or outdated data simply collected from the Internet and trade journals. We get out there, interview the key players and get the actual reliable data that you need to make multi-million dollar decisions on.

Each project we are engaged on is different and will require a different approach, primarily using desk and qualitative research techniques we can develop a plan of action to get you the information you require.

At Can-Siam we do not believe in being the cheapest on the market, we believe in being the best. Our management has years of executive and consulting experience and understands that accurate market research in Thailand is essential when making business decisions and becomes even more important when adding in the variables of an emerging market.

What we do:

  • Business intelligence gathering
  • Competitor analysis
  • New product or services feasibility
  • Distributor due diligence studies

What We do not do:

  • Consumer Studies
  • Quantitative Research
  • Consumer Research
  • Surveys

Market Research ThailandWe can assist you if the consumer research services above are needed by referring you to partners that we work with, however internally we are more focused on market intelligence and B2B research rather then consumer research.

Our research projects are done on the ground and in the field to be sure the data collected is as accurate as possible from sources beyond reproach. Don’t leave your data collection in the hands of interns and minimum wage employees, contract with a company with a proven track record of supplying superior results with professionals who understand that accurate information is essential to successful business.

How do we do Market Research in Thailand Differently?

At Can-Siam we believe methodology is important, however we do not believe it is more important then the information and will not lock ourselves into a specific methodology that can be ineffective for the task at hand. When we are doing market research in Thailand we believe in getting the information you need by any means necessary, that is legal. We do not like to say “we will do this purely via “desk research”, sometimes desk research is not as effective as we would hope and you have to send someone out in the field to gather the necessary information you need and meet the people that are in possession of the required information.

Thailand can be a very difficult place to do market research, as a country well known for a business practice of copying competitors, business people in Thailand can be very secretive, and rightly so. Generally a phone call in Thailand will yield very little in the line of results and a market research firm will have to get creative.

At Can-Siam we could better be called a market intelligence firm then a market research firm as we collect information in any way we have to to get you the results you need. More often then not this involves leaving the office and sending staff out to the locations to collect the required information in creative ways. When you need market research in Thailand you owe it to yourself and your new or existing venture to call the best in the business.