Can-Siam is a sales management and sales consulting company operating in Thailand.

With years of sales experience, training and consulting for successful established companies and start ups alike, the principles at Can-Siam can help you grow your sales channels exponentially in Thailand.

Founded by experienced professionals with diverse sales, training and consulting experience across a wide range of industries, we provides a unique range of consulting, sales, implementation and project management services aimed at supporting new and existing companies in Thailand with a focus on the Eastern Seaboard.
  • Out Sourced Sales Rep

    Your Rep, our office. Can-Siam can offer a unique service where we will provide a full time sales rep for your company. All sales reporting goes directly to you however day to day management is done by us. It couldn't be simpler, you get all the benefits of a full time in country sales rep and none of the expense of having to support an in country office.
  • Sales Consulting

    Can-Siam offers a targeted range of services aimed at new and existing business in Thailand to support you in achieving your sales goals. Training, Consulting, Sales Management, or Out-Sourced Sales Rep. Can-Siam can offer the services you need, when you need them.
  • Product Advisory Service

    Not sure if your service or product is right for the local market? Thinking of expanding here but would like to mitigate the risks? We can look at your product or service and apply it to local conditions and culture in order to give you a better idea if it is locally applicable.