Can-Siam is a project management and sales consulting company operating in Thailand.

With years of experience operating and consulting for successful established companies and start ups alike, the principles at Can-Siam can help you cut through the red tape and bureaucracy associated with doing business in Thailand.

Founded by experienced professionals with diverse sales, executive and consulting experience across a wide range of industries, we provides a unique range of consulting, sales, implementation and project management services aimed at supporting new and existing companies in Thailand with a focus on the Eastern Seaboard.
  • About Us

    • At Can-Siam, we believe in ensuring that new and existing businesses in Thailand run smoothly and generate their forecasted returns. We help ensure just that by remove learning curves, ensuring solid access to dependable local support and giving our clients the ability to make continuously informed business decisions. Our strategic, advisory, sales, marketing, operational and project management services provide our clients with a rare combination of skills that allow the realization of sustainable, practical success while minimizing the risks of underperformance or failure. More »
  • Our Service

    • Can-Siam offers a targeted range of services aimed at new and existing business in Thailand to support shareholders and executives in achieving their goals. We supplement our internal services by maintaining a network of reputable companies active in diverse industries from accounting and law to marketing and construction. Our services give companies the confidence they need to operate in Thailand without the steep learning curve associated with doing business in a new economy. Through practical advice you will navigate the business practices and culture with ease. More »
  • Our Clients

    • We value the relationships we build with our clients and the results we deliver above all else. Unlike traditional consultants we don’t just advise and disappear. Instead, our clients gain a dependable, cost effective and highly skilled partner that remains involved, up-to-date and available to assist as required throughout their business’s life cycle. Our clients trust us to understand their businesses and their challenges from an internal perspective and deliver results based on their unique requirements not recycled solutions found in generic consulting playbooks. More »